Meet Dr. Roger Freeman

 Dr. Freeman became the Littleton Elementary School District Superintendent in 2006. During his tenure the district has had to respond to both rapid growth and extreme recessionary cuts. Under his leadership, the District has implemented a series of capital projects, including three new state of the art schools and four extensive renovations. The District is home to choice enrollment schools with in-depth curricular options for families and has earned recognition for its performance in several areas. 

The District actively develops leadership at all levels to help leaders learn to constructively manage change. Dr. Freeman speaks and presents at professional meetings, serves on educational organization and Department of Education advisory committees in the areas of public policy, testing and accountability, has served on numerous professional committees and boards, and has been an active member of professional associations. 

Dr. Freeman has also served a term as a JTED School Board member for West MEC. He was nominated by Littleton Board Members and staff for superintendent of the year and was recognized as the 2010 All Arizona Superintendent for medium size districts. Dr. Freeman was also awarded the Arizona Distinguished Administrator for Superintendents in 2011. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for ABEC, where he serves as co-chair of the policy committee, and WestMARC, where he serves as co-chair of the education and workforce development committee. Dr. Freeman recently completed his fourth term on the Arizona School Administrators Association Board, where he served an unprecedented two years as President. 

Before coming to Littleton he worked in Instructional Support and as a principal at Paradise Valley Unified School District. He served for twelve years as principal at two Arizona A++ Title I schools and was awarded the Arizona Distinguished Administrator for the Elementary level in 2002. Dr. Freeman earned his doctorate from Arizona State University and taught as a graduate instructor of teaching foundations and methods for several years. Before entering administration, Dr. Freeman taught in Texas and Arizona for five years, and was Department Chairperson for Mathematics at Estrella Middle School.